Platamonas Castle Platamonas Castle

  • History: The town of Platamonas is situated at the foot of Mountain Olympus in Pieria, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Platamonas has been an autonomous county until 1999, when it joined ex-named Eastern Olympus municipal district, currently named Diou-Olympou. According to the tradition, it owes its name either to the many plane trees in the area or to the wide ‘platia’ beaches. Platamona’s charm and beauty will enchant every visitor who chooses it as a destination. Just over Platamonas, you will find the Castle, built with Italian architecture, which characterizes the area’s history. Under the castle and through the small streets of the past, your mind will travel to another world, where only the harmony of your thoughts prevails. The castle is an important monument of the region. It has been maintained in excellent condition and is often used for holding cultural events thanks to its exquisite view.

  • Sightseeing: 7km away from Platamonas you will find the traditional village of ‘Old Panteleimonas’ with its exquisite architecture, which is a popular destination mainly thanks to its breathtaking view as well as the numerous restaurants and guest-houses. Meanwhile, the archeological sites of Dion and Vergina, which incorporate many unique monuments, are half an hour and an hour and a half respectively far from Platamonas by car. Last but not least, the Tempi valley, the historic community of Ampelakia and mountain Olympus are of the most important destinations.

  • Beaches: Platamonas, as well as the wider area of Pieria, is famous for its award-winning beaches. The length of the seafront, the golden sand, the quality of the sea, the amazing combination of sandy beaches and surrounding mountains and the variety of scenery are enough to impress even the most demanding visitor. Floisvos and Villa Moshof beaches with shingle, the sandy beaches of Kalamaki and Amethystos, as well as the Neoi Porroi and Neos Panteleimonas beaches are some of the most prominent beaches in the area.

  • Food and Entertainment: Platamonas is a well-known destination and has various fish restaurants, meat restaurants, cafeterias and bars. During the summer, its population reaches up to 14000, due to the increased number of tourists. Tourists who choose Platamonas for their vacations do so because of its exquisite landscape and the fact that along with Neoi Porroi they are the most beautiful villages in Diou-Olympou municipal district. It is preferred amongst Eastern Europeans and is also a summer hot spot for those who reside in Larisa.



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